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Professional Plumbing Repair Contractors for Gresham HomesPlumbing Repair Gresham

Parfitt Plumbing brings 25 years of plumbing experience and professional customer service to each water system repair project. Whether you’ve had a pipe burst and need an immediate repair, or you’re hoping to improve drainage with some professional cleaning, our plumbing contractors know how to examine your plumbing and take the most efficient, cost-effective approach to any project in your home.

Call us for large or small plumbing repair projects. We offer 24-hour service and will arrive on-site to give you an estimate after one quick call.

Emergency Repair for any of Gresham’s Plumbing Issues

Parfitt Plumbing offers emergency services 24 hours a day, Seven days a week, so we can fix any of your unexpected plumbing accidents. We understand how essential a working water system is to daily life; one simple hitch in your hot water or drainage can completely derail your day, even if you’re without water for only for a few hours. Our years of experience allow us to quickly assess your plumbing problem to offer easy-to-understand solutions at an affordable price point. If your pipes, drains, water heaters, or other parts to your water system are too worn to repair and on their last leg, we can help you source the best possible parts for a replacement. Don’t let a burst pipe or clogged drain take your important time away. Call Parfitt Plumbing whenever you need plumbing repairs in Gresham and the surrounding area.  We’ll install these new products with precision and keep your water system running at its best for years ahead. Some of our most common repair services include:

Pipe repair

Pipe bursts can cause serious damage in older homes with large amounts of water emptying behind walls and into basements. This leaking can cause mold and rot and lead to more extensive repairs if it’s not dealt with immediately. Burst pipes can also be a complicated issue as your pipe system can break in multiple locations that you might not be able to see. Luckily, our professional arsenal of plumbing equipment includes flexible cameras that allow us to access the tight crevices of your pipe lines and find damages anywhere.

No matter how extensive of a repair or replacement you need for your pipes, we’ll asses your situation, help determine the most efficient, cost-effective plan of action, and carry out your repairs or part replacements quickly and precisely.

Water Heater maintenance

Hot water is crucial to so many daily activities, and we understand how losing this heating for even a short amount of time can wreak havoc on your daily plans. We can make any repairs or replace any parts you might need on short notice.

Professional Preventative maintenance

Parfitt Plumbing will also help you catch expensive repairs before they happen. Our years of experience have allowed us to quickly spot potentially serious issues in your water system and quickly solve these smaller problems before they become a larger, more destructive ones. If you live in a home that’s at-risk due to older pipes or property with trees near the main water line, you need regular inspections. We’re happy to check for signs of damage every few months, and if we notice potential issues, we’ll fix them before they cause any damage to your living space.

The Best Choice for Plumbing Service in GreshamGresham's plumbing repair experts

Our locally-owned plumbing company has deep roots in the community with 25 years of experience in the Gresham area. Parfitt Plumbing focuses on providing our customers with the highest quality work and the most customer satisfaction. We offer a variety of services ranging from drain cleaning to bathroom remodels at competitive prices, and we guarantee our all of our work. If you are in need of plumbing services, give us a call or fill out the contact form today to schedule an appointment.