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How to Make your Stainless Shine

Supplies – Vinegar {In a spray bottle} – Baking Soda – Boiling Water – Goo-Gone – Olive Oil – Sponge – Paper Towels or Rag … Read More

How to winterize your house

                              winterize your pipes Check out this video on how to … Read More

Installing a new bathroom

Check out this video on installing a new bathroom installing a bathroom

The most expensive toilets

Luxury is integrated into everything we buy, including toilets. Here is a list of the most expensive toilet models and a little description about each … Read More

High tech faucets

Technology is in everything and has even grown to the plumbing industry. While it might not be economically reasonable, it is still really interesting to … Read More

fall plumbing tips

  With chilly weather around the corner it’s important to make sure your house and plumbing are prepared. Here are some tips to prepare your … Read More

How to fix a leaking pipe

Leaky pipes are a big nuisance and over time can waste a lot of water and money. Several things will cause pipes to leak such … Read More

funny picture (August 29)

  Check out this funny plumbing photo  

Sandy library update

The ground work for the Sandy library is finished, this means that all the pipes and drains are set in place. Next we will be … Read More

Summer tips

With the summer comes barbeques, vacations and hot weather. Be sure to summer proof your plumbing to save money and enjoy your time in the … Read More

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