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Grease traps

Grease trap requirements have been a target for several cities all over. The City of Gresham had replaced some main sewer lines do to grease … Read More

Problem Solved

I received a call ¬†from Helen in the City of Damascus, a very nice lady who had several plumbers out in the past to clean … Read More

Sandy Library Start up

We started the plumbing remodel of the Sandy Public Library. This is an old building & they are leaving the structure intact but gutting everything … Read More

Bath remodel

I decided to remodel my own bathroom. It seemed simple, take out the existing shower, tub & valves and install a new 5′ shower with … Read More

Remodel plumbing

Some home owners believe they can buy the plumbing fixures themselves and save cost. Things to consider would be that the plumber should be able … Read More