Top 10 weird things found clogged in pipes


While plumbing for over 25 years we have seen our share of weird and interesting things clogging a toilet. Here is our top ten list:

10. Hair – Very common in shower drains.

9. Oil – Another very common product in kitchens

8. Thick paper – While most paper is fine to go down the drain, thick paper does not break down easily and can block flow.

7. Feminine products – Be sure to dispose of these products properly.

6. GI Joe – Funny story, the customer’s son thought it would be fun to see if GI Joe could swim; the result was a clog and a backup of water.

5. Diaper – Although it has the same contents that go down the toilet, the plastic and cotton will swell and block the drain.

4. Gatorade bottle – Apparently someone thought it would be funny to stuff one of these down a vent line. The result was an overwhelming stench of sewer gas.

3. Toothbrush – On a particular troubleshooting call, we pulled the toilet and found a toothbrush wedged at the bottom, collecting toilet paper and blocking flow.

2. Mop head -The opposite of being clean, a mop head had been flushed.

1. Underwear – Believe it or not, one call we found a pair of underwear that had been stuffed down the toilet.


If you run into a clogged drain, give us a call and we’ll come check it out.

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