Top 10 plumbing repair problems

Plumbing problems rank high on the frustration index! You can avoid not having hot water for your morning shower or inconvenience of a clogged toilet by getting checked out by a license plumber when small problems arise. Here is a list of the top ten repair problems that people experience.

1. Clogged drain – This can cause major backups of sewage, easily avoidable with regular cleanings.
2. Leaky Toilet – Can make a huge mess in the bathroom and damage floorboards.
3. Shower valves – Minerals can build up making bathroom fixtures look grimy.
4. Water heaters – These machines suck up a lot of energy, replace it with a more energy efficient model.
5. Old pipes – Especially on older houses, old pipes can be detrimental to house value.
6. Pipe blockage – When something is lodged in the pipe, nothing can flow. This is an easy fix with a snake.
7. New faucets – Nothing will make a kitchen or bathroom seem new, like new faucets.
8. New home plumbing – Make sure your new house plumbing is done correctly or risk future problems.
9. Dripping faucets – A small drip can lead to a huge water bill at the end of the month, get it checked out asap
10. Quality work – be absolutely sure that you are not getting ripped off for inferior work.

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