Summer tips

With the summer comes barbeques, vacations and hot weather. Be sure to summer proof your plumbing to save money and enjoy your time in the sun. Here are some tips our experts have put together for you.

1. Sunshine brings outdoor activities which means more laundry, be sure to check your washing machine for defects or cracks in the hose, these should be replaced every 3 years. Now might be a good time to invest in a energy efficient washer and dryer.

2. When you leave on vacation, turn down your water heater.

3. After the spring, roots can grow into pipes. Roots are searching for nutrients and plumbing pipes are a great source of nourishment. If you are having problems with clogs or slow draining water, you might think about using a snake.

4. Be careful disposing of barbeque grease or leftovers down the garbage disposal. A good rule to follow is to allow cold water to run at full blast for 15 seconds before and after to fully flush things through.

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