Problem Solved

I received a call  from Helen in the City of Damascus, a very nice lady who had several plumbers out in the past to clean out her sewer line. I also cleared the line but knew there was more going on because of roots in the line but she did not want to pursue it. A few weeks later she had me install a new toilet, I suggested since I had the old toilet off I could camera the line out to the septic tank to see whats going on. Her lines were clear until we got to the tank itself which we found a root had pushed on the connection from the pipe to the tank  & separated the pipe which allowed the roots to continue to grow & would grow back over & over. Now we know exactly where the problem is & what needs to be done. Before the camera I was left to guess at the problem & estimated it would cost around $3,500 to replace the line from the house to the septic and loose a tree. Instead it will cost 500 to 600 to dig up the problem & fix it. Cameras are good!

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