Bath remodel

I decided to remodel my own bathroom. It seemed simple, take out the existing shower, tub & valves and install a new 5′ shower with new shower valve. When I tore out the tub & shower I found dry rot which was partially expected but never welcomed. After replacing the wood we decided to go a little further & pulled all the wall paper down & also replaced the vinyl floor. We saved the toilet because it was a a TOTO & fairly new, we also saved the sinks & faucets as they were newer Delta & Kohler trying to keep costs down. We had a problem putting back the counter top but solved it by adding some tile back splash which inhanced the whole idea of reusing the counter. We encountered many small plumbing, electrical & structural issues that increased the time frame which should be anticipated in any remodel. I would ┬árecomend that anybody entering a remodel to anticipate time delays & unexpected costs if you want to make it right. Or you can hire qualified licensed contractors to do the work. Bathroom turned out great, Wife is happy. Material costs $1,500 Labor was on me though.


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